A dark frontier.

Novus is an upcoming sci-fi strategy city-builder with:

  • A darkly sarcastic sense of humor laughing at corporate culture and mega corps
  • Three game modes: Strategy, Puzzle, and Sandbox
  • Gameplay that’s easy to learn, but with depth that keeps you coming back
  • Gorgeous 2D isometric artwork inspired by legends like Red Alert 2 and Age of Empires
  • In-game video featuring real actors

A whole new world.

As the Director of Expansion for Novus 27, it’s up to you to guarantee the success of Novus Corp’s newest planetary acquisition.

Perpetuating growth.

Your primary task is to oversee the construction of the settlement so that it goes smoothly and efficiently.

Recipe for success.

You’ll need to plan ahead and think strategically to ensure that the settlement doesn’t run out of vital resources.

Design the solution.

Work with Novus Corp’s centralized in-house design team to prioritize which new building to access first.

A personalized touch.

Adjust the policies that determine how the settlement and your employees will be goverened. We trust your judgement.

A precious resource.

Our employees are our greatest asset. It’s your duty to protect them from the mind virus of unionization. Whatever it takes.

Handling the heat.

Of course, you won’t be alone. Manage your team to ensure that situations are prioritized and dealt with.

An act of balancing.

You’ll be in regular contact with the Board, who will be evaluating you on Profitability, Growth, Reliability, and Compliance.

A solemn responsibility.

When things get tough, remember what this is all about: increasing shareholder value. Nothing matters more.

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What's your N-O-V-U-S personality?

Novus Corp uses the patented N-O-V-U-S System Personality Test™ to ensure that the makeup of our teams are conducive to efficient and profitable work. The N-O-V-U-S System Personality Test™ is the result of years of careful analysis of historical trends across our company, and we’re confident that there’s no better way to evaluate personality.

All potential recruits are required to take the N-O-V-U-S System Personality Test™; you will be contacted via email with your results.

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What animal best describes you?

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