The results are in...

And it’s official: you’re a great match for Novus Corp! We appreciate your interest in joining our family, and guarantee that you won’t find a group of people more dedicated to putting a smile on each and every shareholder’s face.

We know you’re eager to hear the results, but first we’d like to reiterate our confidence in the N-O-V-U-S System Personality Test™ methodology. We know how important it is to work with the right people, and the N-O-V-U-S System Personality Test™ has proven extremely effective in creating teams that provide lots of shareholder value.

Now, the results! Your personality is:


What does this say about me?

You were born to: Investigate

Your natural state is: Thinking

Your default action is: Ask questions

Why coworkers like you: You aren’t afraid to ask questions that they have but that make whoever asks them look dumb

Why coworkers hate you: You continue to ask questions at the end of every meeting, making them drag out well past their scheduled end point

Why coworkers laugh behind your back: They think you put way too much energy coming up with solutions that management will take credit for

Why Novus Corp wants you: You come up with solutions to problems so upper management doesn’t have to and can ignore as they please

Uncannily accurate

Sounds just like you, doesn’t it applicant? We hear it all the time: “It’s like my own mother wrote this!” That’s the magic of the data driven approach that sets the N-O-V-U-S System Personality Test™ apart from all others.

Know someone that’s as good of a fit for Novus Corp as you are? We encourage you to share the N-O-V-U-S System Personality Test™ with them!

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