The results are in...

And it’s official: you’re a great match for Novus Corp! We appreciate your interest in joining our family, and guarantee that you won’t find a group of people more dedicated to putting a smile on each and every shareholder’s face.

We know you’re eager to hear the results, but first we’d like to reiterate our confidence in the N-O-V-U-S System Personality Test™ methodology. We know how important it is to work with the right people, and the N-O-V-U-S System Personality Test™ has proven extremely effective in creating teams that provide lots of shareholder value.

Now, the results! Your personality is:


What does this say about me?

You were born to: Support

Your natural state is: Helping

Your default action is: Start a conversation

Why coworkers like you: You’re someone they can offload their work to when they’re feeling lazy

Why coworkers hate you: You make them look bad by always sucking up to management by volunteering to do extra work

Why coworkers laugh behind your back: They think you’re a sucker for doing more than they have to

Why Novus Corp wants you: You do as you’re told and are unlikely to demand extra compensation

Uncannily accurate

Sounds just like you, doesn’t it applicant? We hear it all the time: “It’s like my own mother wrote this!” That’s the magic of the data driven approach that sets the N-O-V-U-S System Personality Test™ apart from all others.

Know someone that’s as good of a fit for Novus Corp as you are? We encourage you to share the N-O-V-U-S System Personality Test™ with them!

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